Quartet/Quintet (NYC) 2011

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Quartet/Quintet (NYC) 2011

  • Quartet/Quintet (NYC) 2011
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Catalog Number NBH040
Product Type Download
Recording Date Oct 5, 2011
Location Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

Pine Top Aerial Music Quartet

Anthony Braxton: soprano sax, movement
Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet, movement
Matt Bauder: clarinet, movement
Anne Rhodes: voice
Rachel Bernsen: movemnt
Melanie Maar: movement


Falling River Music Quintet

Anthony Braxton: alto, soprano, sopranino sax, contrabass clarinet
Ingrid Laubrock: tenor sax
Sara Schoenbeck: bassoon
Renee Baker: violin, viola
Shelley Burgon: harp

  1. Pine Top Aerial Music + Composition No. 23C + 220 by Anthony Braxton [25:19]
  2. Falling River Music Quintet Composition No. 366e + 367a + 367f + 366d +367b by Anthony Braxton [21:49]

Sound Engineer: the crew at Roulette
Mixing: Matthew Mehlan
Mastering: James Fei
Special thanks to Jim Staley and Roulette