Alumni Orchestra (Wesleyan) 2005

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Alumni Orchestra (Wesleyan) 2005

  • Alumni Orchestra (Wesleyan) 2005
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Catalog Number NBH028
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Recording Date Dec 9, 2005
Location Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Anthony Braxton: conductor, sopranino sax
Sabrina Schroeder: conductor, violin
Andrew Raffo Dewar: conductor, soprano sax
Pheeroan Aklaff: percussion
Michael Attias: reeds
Matt Bauder: reeds
Taylor Ho Bynum: brass
Amy Crawford: piano
Tom Crean: guitar
James Fei: reeds
Walter Frank: piano
Dave Kadden: oboe, english horn
Tim Keiper: percussion
Charlie Kohlhase: saxophones
Steve Lehman: reeds
Seth Misterka: reeds
Jackson Moore: reeds
Kevin O’Neil: guitar
Daniel Raimi: guitar
Reut Regev: trombone +
Scott Rosenberg: reeds
Jay Rozen: low brass
Dave Ruder: clarinet
Juliya Salkovskaya: french horn
John Shiurba: guitar
Aaron Siegel: percussion
Carl Testa: bass
Rachel Thompson: violin
Kevin Uehlinger: electric keyboard
Dirck Westervelt: bass
Charlie Wilmoth: viola
Jonathan Zorn: electronics


This was a Tri-Centric collage performance with Composition No. 164 and 165 as primary territories. Secondary and tertiary pieces included Composition No. 220, possibly No.346 and No.336, Falling River score, and more.

Track 1 [53:55]
Track 2 [58:21]


Mixed and mastered by Jon Rosenberg.