Orchestra (Paris) 1978

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Orchestra (Paris) 1978

  • Orchestra (Paris) 1978


Sound quality: C (murky audience recording)

Tracks 1 thru 4 are the complete second set. Track 5 is part of the first set. As such the second set is complete, but the first set is not.

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Catalog Number BL006
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Recording Date May 16, 1978
Location Espace Cardin in Paris, France

Anthony Braxton: Conductor
Leo Smith: Trumpet
Dwight Andrews: Reeds
Marty Ehrlich: Reeds
Vinny Golia: Reeds, Clarinet
J. D. Parran: Reeds
Ned Rothenberg: Reeds
Rob Howard: Trumpet
Michael Mossman: Trumpet
Kenny Wheeler: Trumpet
Ray Anderson: Trombone
George Lewis: Trombone
Joseph Bowie: Trombone
James King Roosa: Trombone
Marilyn Crispell: Piano
Robert Ostertag: Synth, Electronics
Brigit Taubhorn: Accordian
Bobby Naughton: Vibes
James Emery: Guitar
John Lindberg: Bass
Brian Smith: Bass
Thurman Barker: Drums
Charles Bobo Shaw: Drums

  1. Composition No. 59 by Anthony Braxton [21:10]
  2. Composition No. 51 by Anthony Braxton [10:56]
  3. Composition No. 58 by Anthony Braxton  [9:46]
  4. Announcement [2:51]
  5. Composition No. 45 by Anthony Braxton [25:04]
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