Sax Quintet (New York) 1998

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Sax Quintet (New York) 1998

  • Sax Quintet (New York) 1998


This performance took place during a 3-day festival of Braxton’s music at the Knitting Factory in 1998. The festival was somewhat unusual in that all six sets were versions of a single piece, Composition No. 173. Originally scored for four actors, two soloists and ensemble (a recording of the original form was released on the Black Saint label, #120166-2), the piece was performed as an alto sax solo, quartet, sax quintet, tentet, as well as a version with four actors, two soloists, three “friendly experiencers,” 12-piece string ensemble and percussion (the full version was performed twice, on 3/20 and 3/21). –JF

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Recording Date Mar 21, 1998
Location Knitting Factory, NYC

Anthony Braxton: sopranino, F, and alto saxophones
James Fei: soprano and alto saxophones
Chris Jonas: soprano and alto saxophones
Seth Misterka: alto saxophone
Jackson Moore: alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones

  1. Composition No. 173 by Anthony Braxton [52:16]

Recorded by James Fei.