Solo (Austin) 1978

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Solo (Austin) 1978

  • Solo (Austin) 1978


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The Sam Rivers Quartet played on the same bill.

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Recording Date Oct 2, 1978
Location The Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas

Anthony Braxton: Alto Saxophone

  1. Out of Nowhere by Johnny Green & Edward Heyman [5:42]
  2. Composition No. 77H by Anthony Braxton [5:22]
  3. Composition No. 77B by Anthony Braxton [7:27]
  4. Composition No. 119M by Anthony Braxton [6:06]
  5. Composition No. 26J by Anthony Braxton [6:14]
  6. Composition No. 26E by Anthony Braxton [5:53]
  7. Composition No. 26B by Anthony Braxton [3:30]
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