Solo (Carnegie Hall) 1972

Solo (Carnegie Hall) 1972 NBH036

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  • Recording Date: June 10, 1972
  • Location: Carnegie Recital Hall
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Anthony Braxton: saxophone

Mastered by Jon Rosenberg.

Special thank you to the musician who noticed the cassette and contacted the Tri-Centric Foundation.

On June 10th, 1972, shortly after Anthony turned 27 years old, he gave a solo concert at Carnegie Recital Hall (today called Weill Recital Hall). Aside from a New York Times listing kept in Carnegie’s archives, we could find no visual or audio record of the event. Then, earlier this year (2012), a NYC musician contacted the Tri-Centric Foundation about mysterious tapes he had received from an acquaintance. To our surprise, one contained a part of the 1972 solo Carnegie concert. Anthony listened to it and confirmed the content. The photo shows recording equipment owned by the person who recorded the concert: two tiny microphones attached to the sides of large dark glasses. We believe he used a similar setup to record Anthony’s concert, but with a normal cassette tape recorder instead of a DAT recorder.

It took 40 years, but the music made its way back to Anthony. An important part of Tri-Centric Foundation’s mission is to document and archive all of Anthony’s creative output. A very special thanks to the musician who noticed the cassette, contacted us, and then shared it with us.

Photo by Kyoko Kitamura