Press and Media

The following is a partial list of press for the four-evening Braxton festival, “Energies, Ideas, Intuitions: The Tri-Centric Music of Anthony Braxton,” held at Roulette 10/5-8, 2011.

National Public Radio: A Grand Musical Thinker, Inviting ‘Friendly Experiencers’  (by Howard Mandel)

New York Times: Celebrating A Master of the Avant-Garde  (by Nate Chinen)

The Gig: Trillium in Bloom (blog by Nate Chinen)

Wall Street Journal (by Steve Dollar)

Tiny Mix Tapes: Give Up Your Day Up and Devote It Full-Time to Anthony Braxton-ing  (great indie/pop culture blog)

Sequenza 21: Early October – an Embarrassment of Riches (Classical/New Music blog)

Wall Street Journal/New York Photo of the Week Oct 1st-7th