2014 Tri-Centric Music Festival at Roulette and Eyebeam 4/10 – 4/19

Thursday-Sunday, April 10-13 at EYEBEAM

André Vida: Moving Scores (Solo Interpretations)
Thursday, April 10 12PM-3PM André Vida (sax) 3PM-6PM Christa Robinson (english horn)
Friday April 11 12PM-3PM Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon) 3PM-6PM Loren Dempster (cello)
Saturday April 12 12PM-3PM Jay Rosen (tuba) 3PM-6PM Brett Sroka (trombone)
Sunday April 13 8PM André Vida, Christa Robinson, Sara Schoenbeck, Loren Dempster, Jay Rosen, Brett Sroka

Thursday, April 10, 8PM at Roulette

James Fei: Hysteresis
Featuring James Fei: saxophones & contrabass clarinet: Josh Sinton: saxophones & contrabass clarinet; Jen Baker: trombone; Christopher McIntyre: trombone; Kato Hideki: electric bass; Ed Tomney: analog electronics

Anthony Braxton: Composition No. 46 (1975)
Featuring Anthony Braxton: conductor & saxophones; Vincent Chancey: French horn; Jacob Garchik: baritone horn; Jim Hobbs: alto saxophone; Ingrid Laubrock: soprano saxophone; Nicole Mitchell: flute; Oscar Noriega: alto saxophone; Dan Peck: tuba; Reut Regev: trombone; Stephanie Richards: trumpet; Katie Scheele: english horn; Josh Sinton, bass clarinet; Libby Van Cleve, oboe

Friday, April 11, 8PM at Roulette

Nate Wooley: Battle Pieces
Featuring Nate Wooley: trumpet; Ingrid Laubrock: saxophones; Sylvie Courvoisier: piano; Matt Moran: vibraphone

Anthony Braxton: Composition 146, “Moogie and Stetson” for 12 flutes, 2 tubas, and percussion
Featuring Taylor Ho Bynum: conductor; Jamie Baum, Domenica Fossati, Michel Gentile, Adrianne Greenbaum, Margaret Lancaster, Erin Lesser, Aleksandra Miglowiec, Leah Paul, Helene Rosenblatt, Peter Standaart, Heather Stegmaier, Sarah Bouchard Stockton: flute; Joseph Daley, Jay Rozen: tuba; Chris Dingman: percussion

Saturday, April 12, 1PM Roulette

Roulette Kids! presents: Taylor Ho Bynum

Taylor Ho Bynum leads a workshop using Anthony Braxton’s principles of Language Music to introduce young people to ideas of group improvisation and composition—using sound as a “lego set” to create structures for play. All ages welcome, with special guests from the upcoming production of Braxton’s opera Trillium J (The Non-Unconfessionables).

Saturday, April 12, 8PM at Roulette

Fay Victor: Neighborhood Dynamics
Featuring Fay Victor: vocals; Nicole Mitchell: flute; Vincent Chancey: french horn; Anders Nilsson: guitar; Ken Filiano: double bass

Anthony Braxton: Falling River Music Nonet
Featuring Anthony Braxton: saxophones; James Fei: saxophones; Ingrid Laubrock: saxophones; Jasmine Lovell-Smith: saxophones: Mary Halvorson, Brandon Seabrook: guitar; Tomeka Reid: cello; Nate Wooley: trumpet; Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet

Sunday, April 13, 8-11PM at EYEBEAM

André Vida Moving Scores Final Day
Featuring André Vida: saxophones; Christa Robinson: english horn; Sara Schoenbeck: bassoon; Jay Rozen: tuba; Brett Sroka: trombone; Loren Dempster: cello

Thursday, April 17, 8PM at ROULETTE

Anthony Braxton: Trillium J (The Non-Unconfessionables) (Acts I & II) 8 P.M. at Roulette

Vocalists: Roland Burks, bass (Zakko), Kelvin Chan, baritone (Ashmenton), Tomas Cruz, tenor (Joreo), Lucy Dhegrae, soprano (Helena), Chris DiMeglio, baritone (Bubba John Jack), Kristin Fung, mezza (Alva), Nick Hallett, tenor (David), Kyoko Kitamura, soprano (Ntzockie), Kamala Sankaram, soprano (Sundance), Elizabeth Saunders, mezzo (Kim), Jen Shyu, soprano (Shala), Vince Vincent, tenor (Ojuwain)

Instrumental Soloists: Vincent Chancey (French horn), Jacob Garchik (baritone horn), Jim Hobbs (alto saxophone), Ingrid Laubrock (soprano saxophone), Domenica Fossati (flute),Oscar Noriega (clarinet), Dan Peck (tuba), Reut Regev (trombone), Stephanie Richards (trumpet), Katie Scheele (English horn), Josh Sinton (bass clarinet), Libby Van Cleve (oboe)

Dancers: Rachel Bernsen, Melanie Maar

Violin: Erica Dicker (concertmaster), Renee Baker, Sam Bardfeld, Sarah Bernstein, Julianne Carney, Jason Hwang, Mazz Swift, Scott Tixier
Viola: Amy Cimini, Jessica Pavone, Erin Wight
Cello: Marika Hughes, Tomeka Reid, Tomas Ulrich
Bass: Ken Filiano, Mark Helias
Flute: Leah Paul, Domenica Fossati
Oboe/English horn: Kathy Halvorson, Katie Scheele, Libby Van Cleve
Clarinet/saxophone: Mike McGinnis, Jim Hobbs, Ingrid Laubrock, Oscar Noriega, Josh Sinton
Bassoon: Sara Schoenbeck, Katherine Young
French horn: Nathan Koci, Vincent Chancey
Trumpet: Gareth Flowers, Stephanie Richards
Trombone: Jacob Garchik, Reut Regev
Tuba: Dan Peck
Percussion: David Shively
Harp: Jacqui Kerrod

Conductor/Composer/Librettist: Anthony Braxton
Producer: Taylor Ho Bynum
Director: Acushla Bastible
Associate Director: Louisa Proske
Video Director: Chris Jonas
Associate Video Director: Dylan McLaughlin
Choreographer: Rachel Bernsen
Sound Design: Amy Crawford
Assistant Producer: Kyoko Kitamura
Production Assistant: Tyler Rai
Lighting designer: Yi Zhao
Costume designer: Nikki Delhomme
Stage Manager: Desiree Alejandro

Friday, April 18, 8PM at Roulette
Anthony Braxton: Trillium J (The Non-Unconfessionables) (Acts III & IV)
(See Thursday, April 17 for full cast & crew)

Saturday, April 19, 3PM at Roulette
Anthony Braxton: Trillium J (The Non-Unconfessionables) (Acts I & II)
(See Thursday, April 17 for full cast & crew)

Saturday, April 19, 8PM at Roulette
Anthony Braxton: Trillium J (The Non-Unconfessionables) (Acts III & IV)
(See Thursday, April 17 for full cast & crew)


For Roulette, general admission is $20 – $35 depending on the performance. Members/Students/Seniors $15, FREE for All Access Members. More info here:

For Eyebeam, more info TBA here:



September 24-25: Two nights of Tri-Centric Music at Roulette (Brooklyn)

Sept 24 – Tri-Centric Orchestra Commissioning Series

The Tri-Centric Orchestra, the resident ensemble of Anthony Braxton’s Tri-Centric Foundation, will present the world premiere of Braxton’s Composition No. 27 (1973), and three newly commissioned works by composers Taylor Ho Bynum, Ingrid Laubrock, and Mark Taylor, for a 35-piece orchestra and 10-voice choir conducted by Bynum.

With Jason Hwang, Scott Tixier, Sarah Bernstein, Skye Steele, Gwen Laster, Curtis Stewart, Julianne Carney, Brenda Vincent (violin), Jessica Pavone, Erin Wright, Brian Thompson (viola), Tomas Ulrich, Marika Hughes, Chris Hoffman (cello), Carl Testa, Ken Filiano (bass), Josh Sinton, Mike McGinnis, Oscar Noriega (reeds), Katie Scheele, Libby Van Cleve (oboe/English horn), Sara Schoenbeck, Dana Jessen (bassoon), Michel Gentile, Yukari (flute), Nate Wooley, Stephanie Richards (trumpet), Vincent Chancey, Rachel Drehmann (French horn), Curtis Hasselbring (trombone), Jay Rozen (tuba), Chris Dingman, David Shively (percussion), Amy Crawford (piano), Kyoko Kitamura, Kamala Sankaram, Anne Rhodes, Yoon Sun Choi, K. Fung, Tomas Cruz, Nick Hallett, Roland Burks, Michael Douglas Jones, Peter Stewart (voices), Taylor Ho Bynum (conductor)

Sept 25 – Tri-Centric Presenting Series featuring works by Chris Jonas and Steve Lehman

The Tri-Centric Foundation presents the work of two exceptional saxophonist/composers, Chris Jonas and Steve Lehman. Jonas will perform his multi-media music/video piece Garden II: House, in collaboration with TILT Brass (Chris McIntyre, Chris DiMeglio, and Dan Blacksberg). Lehman will perform new electroacoustic compositions and improvisations with special guests Jonathan Finlayson on trumpet/electronics and James Hurt on piano/electronics.


Anthony Braxton European Tour

Aug 8 – Anthony Braxton Falling River Music Quintet – Radialsystem – Berlin (Germany)

Aug 9 – Anthony Braxton Falling River Music Quartet – Anfiteatro ao Ar Livre – Lisbõa (Portugal)

Aug 16 – Anthony Braxton Diamond Curtain Wall Quartet - Park Den Brandt – Middelheim (Belgium)


Tri-Centric Orchestra: New Compositions (Brooklyn) 2013

Sunday April 21st, 2013

The Tri-Centric Orchestra will premiere three commissions by the composers Nicole Mitchell, Jason Kao Hwang, and Kamala Sankaram.

Titles of works to be presented:
When Life’s Door Opens: The Crossroads (Mitchell)
Shifting Shorelines, With and Without (Hwang)
Dark Flow (Sankaram)

Mike McGinnis, Matt Bauder, and Josh Sinton (reeds), Vincent Chancey, Joseph Daley, and Taylor Ho Bynum (brass), Amy Cimini, Marika Hughes and Ken Filiano (strings), and a rhythm section with Bryan Carrott, Amy Crawford, Rohin Khemani, and Tomas Fujiwara; special guests  Fay Victor and Damon Locks (voices) and the and the recorded voice of Kiran Ahluwalia on Nicole Mitchell’s “When Life’s Door Opens: The Crossroads”



Roulette and Tri-Centric Foundation present Anthony Braxton

Thursday September 13th, 2012
Roulette Celebrates One Year in Brooklyn
Two Ensembles (NYC) 2012

Anthony Braxton Quartet: Anthony Braxton (alto, soprano, sopranino, baritone, bass, and contrabass saxophones), Dan Blacksberg (trombone, euphonium), Ken Filiano (acoustic bass), Mike Szekely (percussion)

Diamond Curtain Wall Music Ensemble: Anthony Braxton (reeds, electronics), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, brass), Josh Sinton (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet), Maura Valenti (harp), Amy Crawford, Chris DiMeglio, Michael Douglas Jones, Kyoko Kitamura, Anne Rhodes (voices)


Anthony Braxton Fall European Tour

Wednesday October 10th, 2012
Falling River Music Quintet – Institut français – Berlin (Germany)
AB, Taylor Ho Bynum, Mary Halvorson, Ingrid Laubrock, André Vida

Thursday October 11th, 2012
Falling River Music Quartet – Jazzatelier – Ulrichsberg (Austria)
AB, THB, Mary, Ingrid

Saturday October 13th, 2012
12+1tet – Teatro alle Tese – Venezia (Italy)
AB, THB, Mary, Ingrid, Andrew Raffo Dewar, James Fei, Sara Schoenbeck, Reut Regev, Jessica Pavone, Erica Dicker, Jay Rozen, Carl Testa, Aaron Siegel

Sunday October 14th, 2012
Echo Echo Mirror House Sextet – Teatro Metastasio – Prato (Italy)
AB, THB, Mary, Ingrid, James, Erica

Monday October 15th,2012
Diamond Curtain Wall Quartet – Teatro Valli – Reggio Emilia (Italy)
AB, THB, James, Erica

Tuesday October 16th, 2012
Diamond Curtain Wall Quartet – Ad limitum Festival – Warszawa (Poland)
AB, THB, James, Erica

Wednesday October 17th, 2012
Diamond Curtain Wall Quartet – The Seed / AkBank – Istanbul (Turkey)
AB, THB, James, Erica

Friday October 19th, 2012
Diamond Curtain Wall Quartet – Macedonia Opera and Ballet – Skopje (Macedonia)
AB, THB, James, Erica

Saturday October 20th, 2012
Amuz – Antwerpen (Belgium)
AB solo

Anthony Braxton at the Kennedy Center

Saturday December 15th, 2012
Diamond Curtain Wall Quartet with special guest Jason Moran
AB, THB, Mary Halvorson, Ingrid Laubrock
Kennedy Center – Terrace Theater



October 5th – 8th, 2011
Energies, Ideas, Intuitions: The Tri-Centric Music of Anthony Braxton

In partnership with Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY 11217

Wednesday October 5th, 2011

Pine Top Aerial Music: Anthony Braxton (reeds), Taylor Ho Bynum (brass), Matt Bauder (reeds), Anne Rhodes (voice), Rachel Bernsen, Melanie Maar (movement)

Composition 30: Cory Smythe (piano)

Falling River Music: Anthony Braxton (reeds), Ingrid Laubrock (saxophones), Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon), Shelley Burgon (harp), Renee Baker (violin/viola)

Thursday October 6th, 2011

Diamond Curtain Wall Trio: Anthony Braxton (reeds, electronics), Taylor Ho Bynum (brass), Mary Halvorson (guitar)

Tri-Centric Orchestra: Jason Hwang, Sarah Bernstein (violins), Renee Baker (viola), Tomas Ulrich (cello), Nate Wooley, Chris DiMeglio (trumpets), Mark Taylor (French horn), Dan Blacksburg, Chris McIntyre (trombones), Anthony Braxton, Daniel Blake, Dan Voss, Matt Bauder, Salim Washington, Josh Sinton (reeds), Angelica Sanchez (piano), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Ken Filiano (bass), Tomas Fujiwara (percussion), Taylor Ho Bynum, Jessica Pavone, Aaron Siegel (conductors)

Friday Oct 7th, 2011

Syntactical Ghost Trance Music Choir: Anne Rhodes, Kyoko Kitamura, Amy Crawford, Jean Carla Rodea, Fay Victor, Kamala Sankaram, Elizabeth Saunders, Nick Hallett, Vince Vincent, Wesley Chinn, Chris DiMeglio, Michael Douglas Jones, Adam Matlock (voices)

12+3tet Echo Echo Mirror House: Anthony Braxton, Andrew Raffo Dewar, James Fei, Steve Lehman, Chris Jonas, Sara Schoenbeck (reeds), Taylor Ho Bynum, Reut Regev, Jay Rozen (brass), Renee Baker, Erica Dicker, Jessica Pavone (strings), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Carl Testa (bass), Aaron Siegel (percussion)

Saturday October 8th, 2011

Trillium J (Acts I and III)
Amy Crawford, Anne Rhodes, Kyoko Kitamura, Fay Victor, Kamala Sankaram, Elizabeth Saunders, Nick Hallett, Vince Vincent, Wesley Chinn, Chris DiMeglio, Michael Douglas Jones, Jeremiah Lockwood (voices), Erica Dicker, Jason Hwang, Sarah Bernstein, Olivia DePrato, Renee Baker, Scott Tixier (violins), Jessica Pavone, Amy Cimini, Lilian Belknap (violas), Tomas Ulrich, Nathan Bontrager, Daniel Levin (cellos), Ken Filiano, Carl Testa (bass), Cory Smythe (piano), Chris Dingman (percussion), Michel Gentile, Yukari (flutes), Christa Robinson (oboe), Katie Scheele (English horn), Sara Schoenbeck, Brad  Balliett (bassoons), Mike McGinnis, Oscar Noriega, Jason Mears, Josh Sinton (clarinets), Nate Wooley, Gareth Flowers (trumpets) Mark Taylor (French horn), Reut Regev, Sam Kulick (trombones), Jay Rozen (tuba), Anthony Braxton (conductor)